Burglar-resistant shutters

Burglar-resistant shutters are specially designed to prevent break-ins and damage caused by vandalism. They also have a solar control and an insulating function.

Burglar-proof roller shutters are made of steel or aluminium, sometimes in combination with polycarbonate. These are strong and light materials that are resistant to vandalism.

The roller shutters are ideal for both indoor and outdoor installation because this roller shutter meets all insurance requirements. This roller shutter is available in 4 different versions, depending on the height and thickness of the slats:

  • Diamond-shaped roller shutters
  • Perforated roller shutters
  • Transparent roller shutters
  • Dense roller shutters

We can also provide the slat with punched holes to ensure transparency.


  • Possibility of large widths
  • Equipped with emergency hand and fall protection
  • Easy assembly
  • Possibility of casing
  • Various controls possible