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Protection Solutions

Set up in 1990 as a designer and installer of sprinkler systems, Altebra now offers the full spectrum of active fire protection products and services in various markets and countries.

With regional anchoring, Altebra currently serves Benelux and Scandinavia from six locations close to our customers. Our strategy is to take this approach further going forward, by developing regional hubs in other countries we are active in.

What we offer

A selection of what we offer Always tailored to your wishes.

Sprinkler systems

Custom-built fire protection systems. Used for production halls, storage spaces, high-rise warehouses, hospitals and offices.
Foam sprinkler systems

Sprinkler systems filled with foam concentrate that rapidly expands in contact with air are ideal for high-risk locations.
Gaseous fire suppression systems
These systems are designed to protect sensitive equipment (such as server rooms, electrical rooms) that would be damaged by water.
High-pressure water mist systems
These are suitable for local protection (charging stations) and spaces with an elevated fire risk (such as museums and server rooms). They convert water under pressure into mist, enabling fires to be suppressed using minimal water.
Hoge Druk Watermist installatie
Fire alarm and evacuation systems
The conventional or analogue fire detection/protection setup depends on the size of the system.
Smoke and heat ventilation systems
SHVS’s remove smoke and heat generated in the event of a fire. Used in locations such as parking garages, they are activated automatically to mechanically extract smoke and heat through an arrangement of ventilators. The system also introduces fresh air in a natural way.
smoke & heat extraction
Fire compartmentalisation

With fire compartmentalisation, large spaces are divided into smaller compartments. In case of fire, it is crucial to close the openings in these walls in a fire-resistant manner. Therefore, Altebra has a wide variety of solutions in function of your needs.
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Maintenance and servicing

Altebra runs a team of fully certified, experienced specialist installers to ensure your fire safety systems always function perfectly and are maintained optimally. They share your sense of urgency when it comes to safety.

Fast and professional

Our team carries out fast and professional servicing and preventive maintenance. Our 24-hour service team is standing by to ensure you are always fully protected. By signing an Altebra service agreement you know exactly what we will do, to what quality level, when we will do it and how much it will cost.

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Service en onderhoud

Custom projects

Our solutions are always tailored to your needs. Find out how we create personalised solutions for our customers.

Working with Altebra

We always guarantee you a level of service fully in line with our high standards.


Altebra works with you to identify the most sustainable solution every time.


Our solutions are always tailored to the needs of your business.


Our solutions are built on more than 25 years’ experience, fully tested and approved.

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