Fire-resistant sliding gates

The sliding gates are made of steel tubes with mineral wool, the panels are finished with galvanised sheet steel. It is possible to powder-coat the panels, rail hood and housing of the falling weight in a RAL colour of choice.

Our fire resistant sliding gates can be supplied as single wing or double wing doors. It is possible to install our fire-resistant doors both motorised and non-motorised.

In case of a non-motorised version, the sliding gate is equipped with a speed controller and damper. In case of fire and/or power failure, the fireproof sliding gate will close by means of a counterweight (gravity failsafe).

A sliding gate equipped with motor will open and close by means of a rack and pinion drive. In case of fire, it also closes gravitationally.

Optionally it is possible to integrate an escape door in the door.

Classification :

CE: EN 16034 + EN 13241

Fire resistant test: EN 1634-1

Classification test: EN 13501-2

Fire resistance: EI1 60

Maximum width: 8.715 mm

Maximum height: 6.000 mm

Maximum dimensions: Max. 50 m²

DFM Europe