SHEV buildings

SHEVS installations for buildings work on the basis of thermics that occur during a fire. The smoke rises vertically and forms a smoke layer. The temperature in the smoke layer is kept low by extraction. Under the smoke layer there is a safe zone, so people can safely leave the room and the fire brigade can safely intervene.

The extraction of the smoke can be done mechanically by means of fans or naturally by means of smoke hatches.

The smoke and heat extraction of buildings can be designed according to 2 standards:

Single storey buildings

For this application the Belgian standard NBN S 21-208-1 is used.

Buildings with several storeys

Here, the European standard EN 12101-5 is used as the basis for calculation. Examples are shopping centres and office buildings. Altebra Waregem offers complete installations including the necessary ductwork.

Altebra Waregem has the necessary specialists who can assist you in the development of your installation.