Fire-resistant conveyor seals

Production and logistics processes require the most diverse types of transport equipment.
If these conveyor belts pass through fire walls, the openings must be equipped with fire doors in order to prevent the fire from spreading through the conveying equipment or goods.

In the event of fire, the conveyor belt is immediately cleared and then automatically closed. Here, it is just as important to have a fire resistance that is classified in accordance with EN 13501-2 as it is to ensure that the closing areas are cleared quickly in the event of a fire.

Classification :

ETA (CE): EAD 350022-01-1107

Fire test standard: EN 1366-7

Classification standard: EN 13501-2

Fire resistance: until EI1 120



  • Conveyor seals by means of robust sliding door or guillotine gate in sheet steel construction
  • Up to EI1 120


  • Conveyor seals as space-saving, robust folding hatch in sheet steel construction
  • Up to EI1 120


  • Conveyor seals. Combination with fire door with integrated fire collar
  • Up to EI1 120


  • Conveyor seals, robust sliding door construction in combination with fire cuff integrated in the fixed part. Suitable for overhead conveyor technology
  • Up to EI1 120

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