Fire compartmentalisation

With fire compartmentalisation, large spaces are divided into smaller compartments. In case of fire, it is crucial to close the openings in these walls in a fire-resistant manner. Therefore, Altebra has a wide variety of solutions in function of your needs.

  • Fire screens
  • Burglar-resistant shutters
  • Sliding gates
  • Doors
  • Sectional doors
  • Conveyor seals
  • Fire-resistant joinery

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Fire screens 

CE according to EN 16034 (up to EI190) Very compact installation options


Conveyor afsluitingen

Fire-resistant conveyor seals

CE according to ETA based on EAD350022-01-1107 (up to EI1 120)

Brandwerende lamellenpoort

Fire-resistant louvre gates

CE according to EN 16034 (up to EI1 120)

Brandwerende schuifpoorten

Fire-resistant sliding gates  

CE according to EN 16034 (up to EI190)

Brandwerende deuren

Fire-resistant doors

Industrial steel doors for indoor and outdoor use (CE according to EN16034)

Brandwerende sectionaalpoorten

Fire-resistant sectional doors

CE according to EN 16034 (up to EI1 120)

Brandwerende rolluiken

Fire-resistant shutters    

CE according to EN 16034 (up to EI160)

Brandwerend schrijnwerk

Fire-resistant joinery

Fire-resistant partition walls, windows and doors (up to E1 120) In aluminium or steel.


Smoke screens

According to EN12101-1 (up to D120-DH120)

Inbraakwerende rolluiken

Burglar-resistant shutters

Transparent, closed, perforated & rhombic

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