Smartchim equips newbuild with CO2 fire suppression system

BEERSE, WEELDE – Chemical company Smartchim is moving its production from Weelde-Statie (Ravels) to Lilsedijk in Beerse. For the water treatment product maker, the relocation is an opportunity to bring a new CO2 fire suppression system on stream, the first time the technology has been used in the wider region. “Fires are suppressed by flooding the space with CO2, so no water is needed,” explains Smartchim’s Johan Gors.

"Fire extinguishes without water"

Smartchim develops, packages and distributes chemical products for treating swimming pool, spa and pond water. In two weeks the firm is set to relocate its production from Toekomststraat in Weelde-Statie to brand-new industrial premises at Lilsedijk in Beerse. All 11 employees are also moving to Beerse. Due to the specific chemical products Smartchim works with, the firm has to meet the strictest standards in the Seveso legislation.

Fire suppression system

Smartchim has installed a new CO2 fire suppression system at the site. “Our new premises have 3600 square metres of production and storage all told,” says Smartchim’s director Johan Gors. “One of our most important activities is repackaging acids and sodium hypochlorite. We also store feedstock for swimming pool disinfectants. These are all highly corrosive products that cannot be extinguished with water when they burn. Foam does work, but the products would also corrode and degrade the foam systems. That’s why we opted for a CO2 fire suppression system.”


The CO2 that is released in the event of a fire rapidly dilutes the oxygen concentration in the production and storage space to a level at which combustion cannot occur. The system is the first in the Kempen/Campine region, while Smartchim is just the fourth company to take a CO2 fire suppression system into use in Belgium. The system is already on stream at 60 companies in the Netherlands.