Les Bastions
Smoke and heat ventilation systems
Fire compartmentalisation

Les Bastions

Shopping “Les Bastions”

The shopping centre "Les Bastions" is located on Tournai's ring road. The shopping centre was built in 1979 and was in need of major renovation. The renovation and expansion started in March 2015. The works on Les Bastions include a thorough renovation of the existing shopping centre, an innovative extension and the realisation of a sustainable retail park on an adjacent plot of land.

It has become a modern and attractive complex that has retained its cosiness. The shopping centre has been extended by 10,000 m² and now has 15,540 m² of lettable space. A total of 56 shops and catering outlets are accommodated in Les Bastions. The existing outdoor car park is partly replaced by an underground car park with two floors and a capacity of 1,260 parking spaces. Various lifts and escalators will give visitors direct access to the new shopping arcade. The new public space between the shopping centre and the retail park includes large green areas, parking entrances and exits, cycle paths, pedestrian zones, car parks, a bus stop, bicycle stands and water features.

Fire protection for shops and car park

For this major conversion and extension, Altebra Waregem was appointed as partner for the design, supply, installation and commissioning of the smoke and heat extraction systems (SHE) for the underground car park and the above-ground shopping gallery. In addition, some shops were equipped with fire gates, burglar gates and smoke screens.

SHEV Installation underground car park

The SHEV system was designed and functionally tested by means of a CFD (Computional Fluid Dynamics) simulation on the different levels of the car park. In total, 6 exhaust fans with a diameter of 1.6 metres and a total capacity of more than 600,000 m³/h were installed. Initially, eight fans were planned, but thanks to the CFD simulation, we were able to reduce this to six. In order to ensure a pleasant air quality in the car park, 26 thrust fans were also installed, including a CO detection system. The system provides several synoptic signs to visualise the location of the fire for the fire brigade.

Fire protection shops

Altebra Waregem provided the Delhaize store with two fire rated roller shutters. In case of fire alarm, these fire gates close the shop, preventing the fire from spreading further and allowing people to leave the shopping arcade safely and peacefully.

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