Fire compartmentalisation



As part of a three-year estimate contract, Altebra Waregem is installing fire gates in various STIB stations. The fire gates are always equipped with certain safety devices, so that the dispatching of the metro station can always know in which condition the fire gate is located. The following stations have already been taken care of: Delta depot, Metro Simonis, Metro Roodebeek, Metro De Brouckère and Metro Bourse.

Delta depot gets 23 new sectional doors

The Delta depot is a repair depot where buses and underground trains pass through for their periodic maintenance. During the assembly day, the old sectional door was removed and the new sectional door was installed immediately. This way, the workers on site suffered the least inconvenience and the depots could always be closed.

Security for Metro Roodebeek and Metro De Brouckère

For these stations, Lybover (METAL) designed closed transparent break-in gates. In total two break-in doors were installed in Metro Roodebeek and three break-in doors in Metro De Brouckère. Our own mechanics took care of a perfect installation.

Metro Bourse undergoes total renovation

Altebra Waregem got a big share in the look of this station. By installing several gates and a lot of stainless steel, the metro station was thoroughly tackled. Three fire resistant gates, 18 burglar-proof gates and eight glass sliding doors were installed. For Metro Simonis Altebra Waregem also had stainless steel walls produced by Lybover (METAL).

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