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Unilin operates worldwide as a manufacturer of flooring, board and insulation materials. Brands such as Quick-Step, Pergo, Moduleo and Utherm are bound to ring a bell. Unilin's story begins in 1960 in West Flanders. Today, the company still has several branches there: from production sites, to offices, to the brand-new training centre The Dive. What all these buildings have in common? Fire-resistant compartmentalisation from Altebra Waregem. Whether you need fire-resistant shutters and gates, conveyor seals or aesthetic fire-resistant glass and joinery: Altebra Waregem has a solution. For this, we call on our exclusive partners DFM & Stöbich Brandschutz, among others.

The collaboration with Unilin began some ten years ago, when Altebra Waregem took care of Quick-Step's production site in Wielsbeke. The first achievement was the installation of 3 fire-resistant shutters and a fire-resistant sliding gate. This was followed in 2021 by 9 sliding gates, as many steel doors, 4 sectional doors and 7 conveyor seals leading through fire-resistant walls, and finally, 2 years later, fire-resistant glass walls. For all these products, Altebra Waregem can offer a solution with a fire resistance of 30 to 120 minutes. All these installation works are always carried out by Altebra Waregem together with our own mechanics.

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"Unilin can count on us for a complete range of compartmentalisation solutions. And with the certified fireproof seals for conveyor belts, we are unique in Belgium," knows Jens Vandenberghe, Business Development & Agency Manager / Sales Engineer Projects at Altebra Waregem. "In the production unit in Wielsbeke, the conveyor belts run through fire-resistant walls without interruption. This presented us with a challenge, as there are strict standards to ensure fire safety in such cases. Specific closures with the right certificate are needed. And we supply those."

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No gate too big

FIRE colleagues also stepped into action at other Unilin sites. "At the sheet material factory in Oostrozebeke, we installed a fire shutter measuring no less than 8 metres by 5.4 metres. A shutter that large and that carries the appropriate certificate: that is not so obvious. But we came up with a conclusive solution," says Jens Vandenberghe. "We also provided a sliding gate, a fire door and made the columns fire resistant."

Unilin Panels' new main building in Wielsbeke then gets smoke screens in the atrium and a fire curtain for the kitchen. Jens: "There is more risk of fire in a kitchen, but because of the limited space we couldn't install an industrial gate to stop smoke and fire from spreading. Instead, we opted for a curtain made of fire-resistant fabric through our partner Stöbich Brandschutz. This is a compact system and extremely suitable for such applications.

The Dive: fire-resistant yet aesthetic windows and doors

With The Dive, Unilin opened a brand new and contemporary training and visitor centre. And that also meant a new chapter in the story of the long-standing pleasant cooperation with Altebra Waregem. Indeed, the FIRE team was called in to install fire-resistant windows and glass doors in the building. The combination of the aluminium joinery and fire-resistant glass was tested and certified to a fire resistance rating of EI120. "It is not only a safe solution. The result has a contemporary look that visually matches the interior of the rooms. Many customers have doubts about fire-resistant glass. But the days when such glass was not properly transparent are far behind us. Today's products are fully transparent and ideal for spaces like The Dive," explains Jens Vandenberghe.

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A major advantage for Unilin is that it can order this wide range of applications for compartmentalisation from a single party. "Moreover, we provide magintenance and repairs, including for products from other suppliers. So in that area too, Unilin needs only one point of contact," says Jens Vandenberghe.

And like all customers, Unilin can count on the typical Altebra approach. Jens: "We are involved from the early stages of a project and pride ourselves on fast and clear communication and correct execution. We think along with the customer and propose budget-friendly solutions if required. It's all about taking care of everything. What makes this cooperation even more special is that we are close to several branches. Of course, we always ensure quick interventions, but at Unilin we are on site very quickly."

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