Sprinkler systems

Various sprinkler systems

Sprinkler systems are available for all types of layout and building. Which system provides optimal protection depends on the circumstances, the space and your safety goals. Our specialists identify the best solution for your application and requirements, in consultation with you.

Altebra sprinkler systems provide personalised fire protection. From office space and production hall to storage space and parking garage: there is an optimal system for every application. The sprinkler system can extinguish fires or keep them under control. Whatever the goal, the system always minimises fire damage.


What is sprinkler protection?

Installing a network of sprinkler heads in an optimal setup for the type of building and storage ensures that a head is always activated if a fire develops. The number of sprinkler heads activated to control or extinguish the fire depends on the size of the blaze.

The head is activated by the rising temperature. This breaks a glass bulb, which releases the flow of water.

Did you know that 60% of fires that break out in spaces protected by a sprinkler system are successfully extinguished? So, clearly, sprinklers are reliable fire protection systems that are well suited to various purposes.

Ambient operating temperatures differ quite significantly depending on the business and the structure, which is why there are various types of sprinkler activated at different temperatures. The volume of water that can be used to fight a fire also differs. Happily, there is a solution for every situation. We are delighted to help you identify and install the ideal custom solution.


Extinguishing water capacity

The water capacity can also be adapted to suit the application. Around 100 litres per minute is customary. However, some sprinklers can release between 400 and 700 litres per minute.

Suppression-mode and control-mode sprinklers

Generally, there is a choice of suppression-mode or control-mode sprinkler systems. As the term implies, control-mode sprinklers keep fires under control. These are the most widespread type of sprinkler, used in offices, shops and production environments. They lower the temperature, controlling the spread of the fire until it can be extinguished manually. The job of suppression-mode sprinklers, on the other hand, is to extinguish the fire as quickly as possible. They are installed in storage facilities, among other places.

Wet systems

Wet systems are always completely filled with pressurised water. They are used in various applications at locations where there is no risk of frost.

Dry systems

Dry systems are specially designed for buildings or zones where there is a risk of frost. All pipes are filled with pressurised air. When a sprinkler is activated the main valve opens to release the air through the pipes.


Deluge systems

Deluge systems are used at locations where there is a high risk that fire will spread extremely fast. For instance, they are used in the chemical industry, on offshore platforms, as tank protection and at locations where a fire could rapidly spread horizontally. In the event of a fire, all sprinklers are activated at the same time to supress the spread.

Pre-action systems

Pre-action sprinklers are designed for spaces in which water damage must be avoided at all times, such as museums, libraries and data centres. These systems are also required in freezer warehouses. They are based on dry systems with additional protection against accidental activation.


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