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The K-tower is a high-quality residential project in an exceptional location in Kortrijk. It is located along the newly laid out Leieboorden and, with its 19 floors above ground, has a striking silhouette. In this residential environment, 65 residential flats are planned with pleasant outdoor spaces and panoramic views over the city of Kortrijk. Groep Van Roey called in Altebra Waregem to guarantee the fire safety.

The exceptional character of the site, the attractive architecture of the building, the well thought-out choice of materials and the layout of the flats with a luxurious level of finish ensure optimal comfort in a residential project with unprecedented standing for Kortrijk and its surroundings. Underground parking spaces, garage boxes, bicycle racks and individual storage rooms have been created.

Our client Groep Van Roey contacted Altebra Waregem with the request to offer a solution for fire safety, both for the underground car park and the superstructure. As the residential tower has a total height of more than 50 metres, the Royal Decree requires on the one hand that the staircases are put in overpressure by means of a mechanical ventilation system and on the other hand that the evacuation routes on all floors are kept smoke-free.

Avoiding smoke in stairwells

The apartment building has two stairwells. In the event of a fire, the Altebra Waregem ventilation system automatically starts, blowing fresh air into the stairwell from outside. This creates overpressure and prevents smoke from adjacent rooms from spreading to the stairwells. Safe evacuation can be guaranteed.

Safety assured by SHE evacuation routes

The building has a considerable height (> 50 metres), which means that, in addition to the overpressure installations for the stairwells, a SHE installation is also required for the evacuation routes. This ensures that each floor is protected by a smoke and heat extraction system. The control of a damper system ensures that the floor where the fire originates is ventilated and that the fire cannot spread further to the other floors. Ventilation is provided on the one hand by an inlet fan which supplies fresh air at the bottom of the respective evacuation route and on the other hand by an exhaust fan for smoke gases which extracts the smoke from the ceiling and discharges it to the roof.

Underground car park

As the surface of the underground car park is larger than 2.500m², additional measures were required. Altebra Waregem installed a fully automatic SHE installation consisting of two extraction fans Ø1,6m, recording valves and smoke screens in the three underground levels. A total extraction flow of 230,000 m³/h ensures that the smoke and heat are removed in the event of a fire and that a safe route of attack for the fire brigade is maintained. A CO detection system was also installed that continuously measures the air quality and, if necessary, starts the SHE fans at reduced speed to provide daily ventilation.

Acoustics and aesthetics

When choosing the fans and the ventilation method for the car park, the acoustics were carefully considered. The acoustic comfort of the terraces and the living spaces behind them was ensured by thorough detailing of the façade. Low-noise technical installations and dampers on top of the residential tower ensure undisturbed views from the adjoining penthouse terraces. In addition to offering a solution for fire safety in the building, Altebra Waregem also made sure that the aesthetic aspect was respected.

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