Fire screens

The automatic fire screen “Fibershield” is an efficient and flexible protection against the spread of fire. Fire screens are used to seal off wall and ceiling openings in the event of a fire.

Their constructional design and the use of various fabrics allow for a wide range of applications. By using a single-walled fabric, only a very limited installation height is required.

Housings and guide rails of the flexibly applicable systems fit almost invisibly into the structure and offer great design freedom for demanding architecture of open space concepts.

This makes the fire-resistant fabric the appropriate solution for hospitals, offices, government institutions, shopping centres and various industrial applications, …


  • Little installation space
  • Certified for large dimensions
  • Flexible with regard to fire doors (size, closing direction & floor irregularities)
  • Design freedom
  • Maintenance-friendly
  • Minimum wall load
  • Fail-safe
  • Various fitting options
  • Light weight and easy to install

Classification :

CE: EN 16034 + EN 13241

Fire test standard: EN 1634-1

Classification standard: EN 13501-2

Fire resistance: Up to EI1 90 – EW120 – E240



  • Interior solution for vertical walls
  • Up to EI1 90

Fibershield – P:

  • Internal solution for vertical walls
  • Up to EW 120


  • Internal solution for vertical walls
  • Both fire resistant and smoke retardant
  • Up to EW120 - S200

Fibershield H/HC:

  • Internal solution for horizontal openings
  • Up to E120 - EW90


  • External solution for facades
  • Up to E120 - EW90


  • Internal vertical solution for horizontal openings in special shapes
  • Up to EW90

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